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Fellow Dragons and friends from other nations!
As we come to the end of the turn of another year you are cordially invited to BallyClare this solstice to celebrate our victories and mourn our losses.
We shall sing songs, tell tales, play games and rebuild broken bridges, speak of issues ongoing in our lands, and bend the ear of our new Queen of the Dragons.
All living and magical patterns are welcome, regardless of age.
Regretfully, unliving patterns remain uninvited on Dragon lands.
While under our hospitality, we aim to ensure your safety from outside forces.
Steward of Erin and Cymria

The Dragons Faction & Legendary LARP


Dragon's Winter Solstice


Saturday 10th December 

18:00 till 23:30


Donington Park Farmhouse

Melbourne Road

Castle Donington


DE74 2RN


OOC Details


This is a Sanctioned Evening Social Event run by Legendary LARP and the Lorien Trust Dragons Command Team.

Players of all ages are welcome, though those under 16 must be accompanied by a legal guardian.

This is a low/non-combat event. While there will be no combat-stated monsters present at this event, all sanctioned events carry the potential of threat via PvP so please prepare accordingly. The event organisers do not encourage lethal combat between players at this event.

A Buffet meal is included in the price of the ticket. 

Please let us know if you have any special dietary during booking, which need to past on to the caterers. 

For those suffering from phobias or other medical conditions please contact the event team to discuss your needs and whether they can support you to enjoy this event fully. Ultimately the decision to attend will be yours, unless the event team deem that it would be too much of a risk for you to attend.

OOC Location

Donington park Farmhouse,

Melbourne Road,

Castle Donington,


DE74 2RN




Ticket Price

            Adult 18+       £40 including meal

            16+                 £35 including meal

            Childs 11-15  £15 including meal

            Under 10        Free


Accommodation is not included for this event. 

A list of nearby accommodation can be found below: -

            Melborne View Hotel,

            Jurys Inn East Midlands Airport,

            Premier Inn East Midlands Airport,

            Holiday Inn East Midlands Airport.


Return packs will be issued before the event.


The Dragons Faction Event Rules


During the event substances may be used as effects, there is a chance these may stain materials.

The organisers and their staff accept no responsibility for injury to you or loss or damage to your property, howsoever caused.

The organisers’ decision is final in any/all disputes.

Refunds will only be given if cancellation is more than 14 days

Before the start of the event and will be subject to a £10 admin fee.

Acceptance of application is at the discretion of the organisers.

The organisers reserve the right to ask you to leave the event at any time, at their discretion.

All participants agree that LARP useable weapons may be used on them.


Weapon Check


You will be required to have you weapons and armour checked by Lorien Trust qualified weapons checkers who will be indicated to you at event control.


First Aid


There will be First Aid provision at the event by qualified first aiders a list of whom can be obtained at event control.


Contact Details


For event enquiries contact:           command@dragonsfaction.org.

Plot enquiries:                                 plot@dragonsfaction.org 

The people below have booked and paid for this event

OOC First NameOOC SurnameIC NameGroupFactionBooking As
Naomi Adam Litmus Take Court of Miracles DragonsPlayer
Mervyn Dennison Liability Other (Battalion of Echoes ) LionsPlayer
David Shaw Ross Other (People of the Harts) HartsPlayer
Neil Farnsworth Emmrys ap Cymrija Other (Court of Cymrija) DragonsPlayer
antony barberis Faarooq Court of Miracles DragonsPlayer
Karl Doolan Heinkel Wildarm Leinster DragonsPlayer
Jonathan Woodhouse Braeys Leinster DragonsStaff
Adam Bartlett Bevan Court of Cymrija DragonsPlayer
Sarah Rose Ide Leinster DragonsPlayer
James Adey Felix Other (the Sicilians) VipersPlayer
Stephanie Waldron Alanna Edan Other (Royal Houses of the Underdark) TarantulasPlayer
Dominic Doran Solitaire Other (Royal Houses of the Underdark) TarantulasPlayer
Philippa Walker Gwen Other (Court of Cymria) DragonsPlayer
Steve Finch Carrion Dal Riada DragonsPlayer
Iestyn Evans Achos Green Company DragonsPlayer
Lorraine McKee The Night HartsPlayer
Jonathan Kane Liability Maelthra Other (House Maelthra) TarantulasPlayer
Nick Kendrick Carantok Laigh Dal Riada DragonsPlayer
Jack Wells Rags Other (Order of Celestial) DragonsPlayer
Ellinor Orton Ta'Cibien Curervo Other (Silver Court ) LionsPlayer
Michael Windsor-Smith Vortix Voidwhisper People of The Dragons DragonsPlayer
Steve Davies Cadfan/ Captain Cymrija Dwarves of Borthawr DragonsPlayer
Francesca Grillo Moira Namon DragonsPlayer
Anna Cummings Gwen Other (Arth gwyn) DragonsPlayer
Ryan Evans Gobbin Court of Miracles DragonsPlayer
Dena Lewis Thariel Other (House Aryvandaar) TarantulasPlayer
John Newell Oisin Other (Court of Donegal) DragonsPlayer
Darryl Dempsey Amaretto Sourz Leinster DragonsPlayer
Phillip Humfrey Madeen Other (Dal Riada) DragonsPlayer
Ruth Bedder Katya Court of Miracles DragonsPlayer
Stephen Revill Straid Other (Prince Bishops) DragonsPlayer
Ben Snape Thorkin Other (Dragon Command ) DragonsStaff
Lucille Guthrie Saph Other (Iceni) HartsPlayer
Nicholas Pasieka Arunn McGregor Other (McGregors ) BearsPlayer
Chris Cunliffe Hedwyn ap Arawn Court of Cymrija DragonsPlayer
Wayne Childs Pinta Lar'ga Top Leinster DragonsPlayer
Zuzanna Pater Arona Court of Miracles DragonsPlayer
Alan Wells Gwyn Other (Order of celestial ) DragonsPlayer
Emma Cunliffe Karen Aldain-Darkendale DragonsPlayer
Megan Childs Sky Leinster DragonsPlayer
Rosemary Hughes Affie Court of Miracles DragonsPlayer
Kieren Mundy Mundus Other (Triarii ) GryphonsPlayer
Marianne Wells Reign Other (Prince Bishops) DragonsPlayer
Ethan Webb Caeso Ofydd Ovidius Other (Comitatus) GryphonsPlayer
Ceri Wellss Snow Other (Prince Bishops) DragonsPlayer
Daniel O'Neill Pxks Court of Miracles DragonsPlayer
Audrey Wells Autumn Other (Prince Bishops) DragonsPlayer
Daniel Wild Ragbag Leinster DragonsPlayer
Kelly Jane Poole Keira NaMorna Dal Riada DragonsStaff
Stephanie Gregory Temina/Pocket Other (Thornclaw Circle) DragonsPlayer
Jasmine Williams Maaria Other (Prince Bishops) DragonsPlayer
Theresa-Marie Mclean Gabrielle Other (Amothians) UnicornsPlayer
Sam Newman Seighin People of The Dragons DragonsPlayer
Jolijn Bronneberg Kylia Ianuaria People of The Dragons DragonsPlayer
Jacob Watson Alwin Court of Cymrija DragonsPlayer
Millie McKenzie Elle Leinster DragonsPlayer
Eleanor Williams Squirrel Other (People of the Lions) LionsPlayer
Tom Gilbert Eton Mess Other (The Prince Bishops) DragonsPlayer
David Leach James Kydd Other (Prince Bishops) DragonsPlayer
Jennifer Leach Lorelei Myrtle Other (Prince Bishops) DragonsPlayer
Owen Wheeler Pompeius Other (Comitatus (13th Legion) ) GryphonsPlayer
Daniel Watkinson Marcellus Other (Comitatus (Palentini/30th Legion)) GryphonsPlayer
Alicia Nettleton Agraz Other (Prince Bishops) DragonsPlayer
chloe weston coco wildarm Leinster DragonsPlayer
Matthew Postance Mathas Leinster DragonsPlayer
Megan Lea Quinn People of The Dragons DragonsPlayer

3 Staff, 63 Players. (66 total)

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