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Player bookings are closed, if you wish to be put on the waiting list please email command@dragonsfaction.org.
Monster bookings are still open!

As the chill winds of the coming winter start to blow, Black Annis still holds the peaks and valleys of the Dragonspines north of the Dragons Eye, as she has done since last winter. There she continues to work, seeking an entrance to the Dwarven hold of Borthawr, lost to the outside world for years –though for what reason we are unsure.

The summer also brought us word that Annis has formed an alliance with the one known as the Traitorous Son who also has intentions in Borthawr. He is a powerful and ambitious individual and secured his title as The Most Hated Dwarf in all history when he kidnapped Pebble ar Gaed, Soldier of Fortune, and former Warmaster of the Dragons earlier this year; his involvement is a grave concern.

Should either one of Black Annis or the Traitorous Son succeed in their ambitions it could herald grim times indeed. But there is yet hope…

While Black Annis’ forces still lurk in the mountains and harry the nearby Keeps, recent scout reports say that the army of demons and cultists which had sided with her has fled. The cause is uncertain - a broken alliance, perhaps? Or maybe the death of their leader…

With the loss of the demonic army, Annis has lost the more able and experienced half of her forces. Now she sits in the mountains commanding an ill-disciplined mob of umbral beast – still potent but a much easier fight for our armies.

The spring will bring a chance to reclaim our great mountain peaks, and to fight our way to Borthawr. With the ancestors on our side, we will get there before they get into the Hold and retake it ourselves. If not, we’ll go in after them, and fight them tooth and nail to uncover their ambitions and stop achieving them.

I don’t care whose house it is – We’re going to come a’knocking

Dwyn Na Buach
Ard Culloch
High Nothing

OOC Details

Date: 31st March – 2nd April 2017

Drakelow Tunnels

Drakelow Lane

DY11 5SA Stourbridge


This is a combat oriented event set in the Dwarven hold of Borthawr, it will feature adult themes and is a strictly 18+ event.

This event takes place in the Drakelow Tunnels, a WW2 underground factory and tunnel complex which has only ever been used for one (non LT) larp event. It is a huge maze of corridors, dimly lit with a unique atmosphere. There are pictures on the website but they do not do it justice.


All players and monsters will sleep in the tunnels. There are a number of service rooms that used to be sleeping quarters for people unlucky enough to work there. We will be using old dormitories, which are “rooms” built within the tunnels. They will be shared mixed gender rooms. There are toilets but only cold showers.


All bookings include food

Due to restrictions with existing facilities at site as well as limitations on what can be done within the tunnels
self catering is not possible

Food is being provided by a carefully selected catering van. The site has no catering facilities and cooking is not allowed inside so food will be part of the ticket price. The menu will consist of hearty cooked food like chillies, baked potatoes, English breakfasts etc. A menu will be released closer to the time.

Please let us know as soon as possible if you have any special dietary needs to pass on to the caterers. They can cater for all requirements.

Considerations and Warnings

The event takes place almost entirely underground. As such we can guarantee the “weather” will be cold (11 degrees), (very) dark, slightly damp and it will not rain. Please do not underestimate these conditions. You will need to bring:
  • A small OOC light to keep on you at all times for your OOC safety.
  • Warm clothing, especially sleep wear.
  • Sleeping bags, blankets and camp/air beds that elevate you off the ground.
  • Although not a necessity IC lighting would be very useful (real gas/oil lamps will not be allowed). These will be regarded as non combat props and must be safe to be used as such
  • Hot drinks will be available throughout the event and we advise you bring snacks to help keep warm and keep spirits up.

Please note that the event will be underground. While the tunnels themselves are quite large, elements of the set may mean that there will be occasions where players will feel enclosed, or may have to squeeze through small spaces.

You will be spending the majority of the 3 days underground. The tunnels themselves are a No Smoking area. There is no easy access to outside from much of the complex. Vapes will be allowed in designated areas.

If you do not like the dark this event is probably not for you. The site will be lit entirely by artificial lighting, either fluorescent or LED. The fluorescent tubes can be seen to pulse slightly at times due to the generator.

If anything in these copious warning notes will cause you problems, either from claustrophobia or other medical condition, or you have any other concerns about attending this event, please contact the event team to discuss your needs and whether can support you to enjoy this event fully.

Please consider carefully whether you wish to attend this event. Ultimately, we would like you to feel able to attend and enjoy this event - but it is up to you to decide your limits. While we do not intend to use it, the Event Team reserve the right to refuse admission on any grounds (e.g. if we deem that it would be too much of a risk for you to attend).

Ticket Price:

  • Player: £90 (Play and Meal ticket)
  • Monster & Staff: £30 (Meal Ticket only)
  • Deposit Ticket: £10 (see Paying in Installments below)

Please Note: All booking options display two ticket options - the expected one and the Deposit one.
Please ensure you have selected one and only one ticket type when booking to ensure you are booked correctly and not over charged.

While this event looks expensive at £90, when you factor in the cost of the meal ticket it is “only” £5-£10 more expensive then one of our regular events. We have done all we can to subsidize the monster food ticket but are unable to reduce that price, we can assure you this will be a unique event to monster!

Payment can be via bank transfer or PayPal. Due to PayPal costs our preference is for bank transfers but PayPal is accepted for one off payments only. Please contact command@dragonsfaction.org for our bank details.

Paying in Installments

The option to pay for the ticket in installments is available upon request. If you wish to pay via installments please book the "Deposit" ticket and contact command@dragonsfaction.org within 7 days to discuss full payment of your Ticket. Failure to do so will result in your booking being cancelled without refund of your deposit

All attendees must pay for their Ticket in full before being allowed to attend the event.

All cancellations are subject to a £10 administration fee. Bookings may not be transferred as we are anticipating a booking queue

Please contact us before booking as Staff while your contribution is valued we have a number of refs already allocated and are strictly limited by the number on site.

Booking Restrictions

The event is strictly limited to 50 players and 50 monsters
Booking Closes 20/03/2017
Due to catering limitations there will be no on the gate bookings

Further IC Details to follow as they become clear IC. Return packs will be issued at least 2 weeks before the event.

This event is brought to you in association with Scheming Demon


Due to previous technical difficulties player bookings are currently closed until the backlog of attempted booking and emails has been processed.
Monster bookings are still open!

The people below have booked and paid for this event

OOC First NameOOC SurnameIC NameGroupFactionBooking As
Ian Murphy Gates Children of Phedes DragonsStaff
Phil Callan Rook Other (Wolves Command) WolvesMonster
Darren Nellies Tyrion Olufson Other (Ghostwalkers) LionsMonster
Gwen Farrell Dagna Rocksmith Other (Clan Ksavir) WolvesPlayer
Mervyn Dennison Liability Other (Battalion of Echoes ) LionsMonster
Andy McDonald Laszlo von Saponatheim Other (Court of the Crimson Dune) JackalsMonster
David Shaw Ross Other (People of the Harts) HartsMonster
Charlotte Jackson Flare Other (Ghostwalker) UnicornsMonster
Neil Farnsworth Emmrys ap Cymrija Other (Court of Cymrija) DragonsPlayer
Josh Howell Caspaar Other (Watchers of Erdreja) Non-FactionPlayer
John Keech Lurks At Dusk Other (Stoneogre Tribe) VipersPlayer
antony barberis Faarooq Court of Miracles DragonsPlayer
andy Willoughby Nazboo Other (Black hand) VipersPlayer
Laura Mitchell Soleo Court of Miracles DragonsStaff
Adam Bartlett Bevan Court of Cymrija DragonsPlayer
Kelly Barker Tommy JackalsMonster
Sarah Rose Ide Leinster DragonsPlayer
Rachael Hunt Keeko 4th Troll Battalion DragonsPlayer
Sammi Searle GRANNY AMANITA?! 4th Troll Battalion DragonsMonster
James Adey Felix Other (the Sicilians) VipersPlayer
Charlotte Seward Farwander People of The Dragons DragonsPlayer
Stephanie Waldron Alanna Edan Other (Royal Houses of the Underdark) TarantulasPlayer
Mark Dorcey-Joyce Troy 4th Troll Battalion DragonsPlayer
Andrew Walker Azazel Other (De La Luna/Court of the Questing Dream) GryphonsPlayer
Philippa Walker Gwen Other (Court of Cymria) DragonsMonster
Jake Passarelli Theo JackalsMonster
Steve Finch Carrion Dal Riada DragonsPlayer
James Goulding Raphael Borgia DiMedici Other (Company of the Blackened Staff) HartsStaff
carl frow Impberon Starcraft Other (Starcrafts) VipersMonster
Florent Coudene Blinky People of The Dragons DragonsPlayer
Dan Meyers Gwillym Lloyd Court of Cymrija DragonsMonster
Iestyn Evans Achos Green Company DragonsPlayer
Mark Fitt Oak Other (Londinium ) HartsMonster
Christopher Lamb An Upstart Crow Other (The Crows of Albion) HartsStaff
Patrick O'Brien Niall O'Farrel Other (Storm Ravens) WolvesPlayer
John Miles Baeddan Beasts of Kappa DragonsPlayer
Brendan Foster Tacsi Morghuns DragonsMonster
Richard Jeremiah Tristan DragonsStaff
Oisin Creaner Micheal Mac Greasai Other (Ulster) DragonsPlayer
Lorraine McKee The Night HartsMonster
Damian Knapp Frosty Starcraft Other (House Starcraft) VipersPlayer
Paul Watkinson Refur Other (Golwg Cyntaf Rangers) HartsPlayer
Joseph FISK Livingstone 4th Troll Battalion DragonsPlayer
Dave France Imp'ael Starcraft Other (Starcrafts) VipersPlayer
nick muir Its ya boi Dwyn Other (Dragons Command ) DragonsPlayer
Aaron Galloway Mandrake Other (Blackened Staff) HartsPlayer
Jonathan Pillar Monster WolvesMonster
Fergal O'Brien Cosaint Other (Watchers) Non-FactionPlayer
Sarah Crompton-Howe Monster
Ruth Bedder Stumpy Dal Riada DragonsPlayer
Shell Cleland Meisgyn / Ceilidh Court of Cymrija DragonsStaff
simon erridge nahiossi Other (Dragons command) DragonsStaff
Andrew Jackson Mac Leinster DragonsMonster
Timothy Britton Feydren BearsMonster
Chris Shaw Kristos HartsMonster
Mike Heinrichs Ceallach "Cai" O'Annid Other (O'Annid) DragonsPlayer
Michael Windsor-Smith Vortix Voidwhisper People of The Dragons DragonsMonster
Giles Crompton-Howe Smiler LionsMonster
Steve Davies Cadfan/ Captain Cymrija Dwarves of Borthawr DragonsPlayer
Paul Foster Barry 4th Troll Battalion DragonsMonster
Kelly Jane Poole Keira na Morna Dal Riada DragonsPlayer
Daniel Badnall-Neill I had one around here somewhere... DragonsPlayer
Francesca Grillo Moira Namon DragonsPlayer
Ryan Evans Gobbin Court of Miracles DragonsPlayer
James Gill Jinpachi Nijiwaru Other (Court of Donegal) DragonsPlayer
Jane Kirk Lillith DragonsMonster
Roger Bateman Regor Morghun Morghuns DragonsPlayer
Daniel Howe Hakar Other (Dal Riada ) DragonsPlayer
Adam Schemanoff Fish Fang Other (House Fang) JackalsMonster
Carsten Frye Gor Other (O'Annid) DragonsPlayer
Sven Friz Broc Other (O'Annid) DragonsPlayer
Darryl Dempsey Amaretto Sourz Leinster DragonsPlayer
Matthew Colclough Nish Other (Dorf) VipersMonster
Harry Sutcliffe Culkin na Mourna Dal Riada DragonsPlayer
Dan Stayt Verminlord Spineshank Other (Witches of Essex) HartsPlayer
Phillip Humfrey Madeen Other (Dal Riada) DragonsPlayer
Lisa-Marie Pruyn Ash Dal Riada DragonsPlayer
Roberto Watts King Karl of Elron & Hubbard Other (Gryphon) GryphonsMonster
Nicky Boak Kerr Other (Prince Bishops Men) DragonsMonster
Christopher Lord Cristeal Blu Leinster DragonsPlayer
Ben Snape Thorkin Court of Cymrija DragonsStaff
Connor Moakes Kyto Other (Ironhold of Trinity Reach) HartsPlayer
Archie Lamplugh Rosey Oakenshield Other (Crew of the El Toro) LionsPlayer
Adrian Pelling Eric Morghun Morghuns DragonsMonster
Warren Goodwin Squeaker Other (Tramps) TarantulasMonster
Vicky Dow Quinn HartsMonster
Luke Kirk Alexander DragonsMonster
Jason Garfitt That monster on the left VipersMonster
Niamh Carey Lord Silver Other (The Silver Court) LionsMonster
Tom Platts Unlivingly challenged VipersMonster
Daniel Mayles Hobo Other (The One Wall Caravan ) HartsPlayer
mike hilton Firepit Other (Staff Ref Team) StaffStaff
Alex Truman Cethlam Marwick Other (The One Wall Caravan) HartsPlayer
Joseph Quigley Karen Dal Riada DragonsMonster
Keith Hall Rune Other (Storm Ravens) WolvesPlayer
Charlotte Hall Lyra Harshencraft Other (Storm Ravens) WolvesPlayer
Max Bourne Max DragonsPlayer
Cassandra Dye Kaboom Other (Clan Ksavir) HartsPlayer
Iain Daws Kottur HartsPlayer
James Malby Scrolls Morghuns DragonsMonster
Brian Smith Arkan Other (Brotherhood of the Desert Night) JackalsMonster
Geoff Brown Na Other (Na) DragonsMonster
Damien Kirk Harambe Other (Court of the Crimson Dune) JackalsMonster
Duncan McDonald Magni Copperbeard Other (WMTC) UnicornsPlayer
Andrew Robinson DeWinter Court of Cymrija DragonsMonster
Douglas Watson Feyd Other (Court of Cymrija) DragonsMonster
Ethan Wilkin Character Name DragonsMonster
James Harris Oka Other (Mackintash ) HartsMonster
Lobelia Pelling Character Name DragonsMonster
Ken Reay Kweethul UnicornsMonster
Hannah Baker Character Name DragonsMonster
gareth shaw Character Name DragonsMonster
Dan Taylor Character Name DragonsMonster
Chloe Hughes-Cullinan Character Name DragonsMonster
Jonathan Turton Character Name DragonsMonster
Michael Robinson Character Name DragonsMonster
Kyle Mckenna Character Name DragonsMonster
Gareth McVeigh Character Name DragonsMonster
Sarah Crompton-Howe Character Name DragonsMonster
Gregory Rogers Deamon-Farmer Giles UnicornsMonster
Phillip Passmore PHIL PASSMORE StaffStaff
Mat Barney Meranti Court of Cymrija DragonsMonster
Dave Ewan A Name DragonsMonster
CJ Bateman Cassius Morghun Morghuns DragonsPlayer
Gaz Shaw Monster
Lizzi Abbitt Monster
Gary Blake Player

10 Staff, 60 Monsters, 57 Players. (127 total)

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