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Dragons, Allies and Friends

I have been Informed by my advisors that my people enjoy “parties” and “fun” and other nonsense. It is time to celebrate the victories we have won this year and honour the fallen of the years past, as Lugh’s light is at his dimmist and Crom takes his heaviest toll we must plan for the next year and the challenges it will set.

So I hereby order you to Drogheda in the halls of your warmaster for a weekend of “fun” and “enjoyment” for the Grian-stad frost festival I’m sure he won’t mind


Ri DDraig


It seems the Lord Dragon has invited you all to the Drogheda Barracks and Training Grounds!

His timing is fortuitous, for it coincides with the local Grian-stad celebrations. It’s here that the best bring their best to offer before the ancestors, so that the druids can ensure blessings upon their endeavours in the new year. So bring YOUR best, because you will be tested! The new year will dawn and with the coming of the light blood thaws, and our enemies will bring the warmth of hard fought battles.

A black sail on the spring tide will herald savages from the sea; the sap rising will bring bloody blossoms to the Queen of Thorns’ twisted forests; the dawn rises on a murder of swans sat on OUR thrones on OUR sacred island. All of these sworn enemies await the renewal of the year with hunger... And there will be more. We led the forces of chaos to victory, and whilst we reap the glory and the benefits, there will be consequences - a world in chaos won in blood is one where heroes are forged in the heat of battle, whilst envious and bitter eyes look to pay back defeat or steal victory.

So, in the words of the Empire ‘Si vis pacem, para bellum’ - If you want peace, prepare for war. I call our Warband to a war council. Bring your best, for the light of Lugh watches...

Devlin Hawksmoor

War Master of the Dragons


The Dragons Faction Presents


Grian-stad Frost Fayre


18th - 20th January 2019


Blackwell Court

Agmore Rd



B60 1PX



OOC Details

The event will start on Friday night with a O.C. social night. Then will go I.C. at 10am Saturday till 2am. and 10am till finish on Sunday. 

This is a Social event and it will contain family friendly plot content. There may be combat and it is the responsibility of guardians to ensure children’s safety should this occur. Due to site and insurance we must restrict to children aged 5+

This event takes place at Blackwell Adventure. The event will take place throughout the building, fields and woods on site. While every effort will be made some areas of the game area may be inaccessible to individuals with restricted mobility.

Accommodation will be bunks on site, there will be no camping avalible. Should you choose to stop off site there is a reduced ticket price available.

There are toilets and showers. 

Food is being provided by Caggle’s Catering at a cost of £28 for the weekend. This is payable at booking, to allow the caterers to have accurate numbers. The menu will be released closer to the dates.

This will consist of an evening meal on the Friday. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner on Saturday. Breakfast and Lunch on Sunday. 

Please let us know if you have any special dietary during booking, which need to passed on to the caterers. 

Hot drinks will be available throughout the event and we advise you bring snacks to help keep warm and keep spirits up.

For those suffering from phobias or other medical conditions please contact the event team to discuss your needs and whether they can support you to enjoy this event fully. Ultimately the decision to attend will be yours, unless the event team deem that it would be too much of a risk for you to attend.

OOC Location:

Blackwell Court

Agmore Rd



B60 1PX


Ticket Price

£50 with bunk

£40 if getting your own accommodation off site

Please contact us before booking as Staff
Please note the event has an age minimum restriction of 5+

Return packs will be issued before the event.


The Dragons Faction Event Rules

During the event substances may be used as effects, there is a chance these may stain materials. The organisers and their staff accept no responsibility for injury to you or loss or damage to your property, howsoever caused.

The organisers’ decision is final in any/all disputes.

Refunds will only be given if cancellation is more than 14 days

Before the start of the event, and will be subject to a £10 admin fee.

Acceptance of application is at the discretion of the organisers.

The organisers reserve the right to ask you to leave the event at any time, at their discretion.

All participants agree that LRP useable weapons may be used on them.


Weapon Check

You will be required to have you weapons and armour checked by Lorien Trust qualified weapons checkers who will be indicated to you at event control.


First Aid

There will be First Aid provision at the event by qualified first aiders a list of whom can be obtained at event control.


Contact Details


For event enquiries contact: command@dragonsfaction.org.

Plot enquiries: plot@dragonsfaction.org 

The people below have booked and paid for this event

OOC First NameOOC SurnameIC NameGroupFactionBooking As
Mervyn Dennison Liability Other (Battalion of Echoes ) LionsPlayer
Neil Farnsworth Emmrys ap Cymrija Other (Court of Cymrija) DragonsPlayer
antony barberis Faarooq Court of Miracles DragonsPlayer
Karl Doolan Heinkel Wildarm Leinster DragonsPlayer
tony cunningham Geraint Court of Cymrija DragonsPlayer
Richard Kilgour Alok Other (Prince Bishops Men) DragonsPlayer
Toby Woodhouse Ghostwise Leinster DragonsPlayer
Jonathan Woodhouse Braeys Leinster DragonsStaff
Adam Bartlett Bevan Court of Cymrija DragonsPlayer
Sarah Rose Ide Leinster DragonsPlayer
James Adey Felix Other (the Sicilians) VipersMonster
Kieran Robson Smidge Mctavish Court of Cymrija DragonsPlayer
Stephanie Waldron Alanna Edan Other (Royal Houses of the Underdark) TarantulasPlayer
Dominic Doran Solitaire Other (Royal Houses of the Underdark) TarantulasPlayer
Philippa Walker Gwen Other (Court of Cymria) DragonsPlayer
Steve Finch Carrion Dal Riada DragonsPlayer
Brian Roberts Puzzle Other (Freeblades) LionsPlayer
Iestyn Evans Achos Green Company DragonsPlayer
Mark Fitt Oak Other (Londinium ) HartsPlayer
Brendan Foster Tacsi Morghuns DragonsPlayer
Chris Larke Windjar Leinster DragonsPlayer
Dan MacMillan Lucien Steiner Other (Londinium) HartsMonster
nick muir Its ya boi Dwyn Other (Dragons Command ) DragonsStaff
Isabelle Farnsworth Gwen Other (Court of Cymrija) DragonsPlayer
Chris Hill Eoin Na'Bascna People of The Dragons DragonsPlayer
Pete Allison Gwahir Eagalis Court of Cymrija DragonsPlayer
Shell Cleland Meisgyn / Ceilidh Court of Cymrija DragonsPlayer
Daniel Walker Devlin Hawksmoor People of The Dragons DragonsStaff
Jack Wells Rags Other (Order of Celestial) DragonsPlayer
Timothy Britton Feydren BearsMonster
Caroline Proctor Rackadack LionsStaff
Michael Windsor-Smith Vortix Voidwhisper People of The Dragons DragonsPlayer
Steve Davies Cadfan/ Captain Cymrija Dwarves of Borthawr DragonsPlayer
Daniel Badnall-Neill I had one around here somewhere... DragonsStaff
Anna Cummings Gwen Other (Arth gwyn) DragonsPlayer
James Gill Jinpachi Nijiwaru Other (Court of Donegal) DragonsPlayer
Roger Bateman Regor Morghun Morghuns DragonsPlayer
Lucy Childs Coca Leinster DragonsPlayer
Ashleigh Wilkin Branwynn Green Company DragonsPlayer
Alex Mayne Lucian Maximus Sentius Other (Comitatus) GryphonsPlayer
John Newell Oisin Other (Court of Donegal) DragonsPlayer
Darryl Dempsey Amaretto Sourz Leinster DragonsPlayer
Dan Stayt Verminlord Spineshank Other (Witches of Essex) HartsPlayer
Phillip Humfrey Madeen Other (Dal Riada) DragonsPlayer
Iain McNeil Orson Tosscobble Other (Order of Celestial) DragonsPlayer
Ruth Bedder Katya Court of Miracles DragonsPlayer
Christopher Lord Cristeal Blu Leinster DragonsPlayer
Niamh Carey Lord Silver Other (The Silver Court) LionsMonster
Douglas Watson Feyd Other (Court of Cymrija) DragonsStaff
Ben Snape Thorkin Other (Dragon Command ) DragonsStaff
CJ Bateman Cassius Morghun Morghuns DragonsPlayer
Taylor Maidment Nathaniels Other (Verru) GryphonsPlayer
Adam Johnson Jericho abobo Other (Black road) DragonsPlayer
Joshua Bennett Huw DragonsPlayer
Matthew Postance Mathas Leinster DragonsPlayer
Amy Leverington Tiff Leinster DragonsPlayer
Chris Cunliffe Hedwyn ap Arawn Court of Cymrija DragonsPlayer
Wayne Childs Pinta Lar'ga Top Leinster DragonsPlayer
Vicki Barre May Other (Harts) HartsPlayer
John Pellett Staff

8 Staff, 4 Monsters, 48 Players. (60 total)

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